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NRC Raw Feeding Meal Plans For Dogs


2-6 Custom Meal Plans

Each meal is formulated to ensure that YOUR dog's nutritional requirements are met. These are individualized canine nutrition recipes that are done one by one for each meal. Each meal is unique just like every dog is unique. Customized & delivered in 7-14 business days, often less.

Shopping List

To ensure that you will be able to have the necessary ingredients on hand, you will be provided with a shopping list of the items and the amounts of those items that you will need each 30-day period.

Nutritional Analysis PDF  

This analysis is a complete breakdown of all nutrients, calories, macros, and more in your dog's diet. Many use this information when visiting the veterinarian to show they are providing a balanced and sound diet.

Follow Up Email Support

After the completion and delivery of each meal plan, you will be provided with 2 weeks of email support to answer any questions or concerns regarding the meal plan or meal plans that were delivered to you. This includes minor adjustments to the meal plan.



Truly Customized Recipes

Your dog is like no other dog in the world and their recipes are just as unique. 100% tailored to create a nutrient-balanced diet while utilizing ingredients you can source and afford. Your intake form submission is our blueprint.

Dedicated Long-Term Professional

why settle for anything less than over a decade of experience and expert meal creation from someone with thousands of recipes under their belt? Your furry family member deserves the experienced touch.

Access Anywhere

On your computer? On your tablet? On your computer? Stuck in a different state after a holiday visit due to flight cancellations? We've got you! You can access your recipes from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection.

Questions or Concerns

We are here for your dog. In our hearts and minds, THEY are our real client. (Sorry - but only a little bit.) We're here to make sure the implemenation of their custom recipes goes as smoothly as possible. Utilize the 2-week email support period and let us know how we can help!



First, you'll fill out your intake form. These will give us all the information we need to create a nutrient-balanced diet for your dog. This includes food availability, food preferences, your dog's age/weight/breed/activity levels/food sensitivities and more.


We will get to work building the best possible nutrient-balanced recipes for your pup! Everything from food availability and preferences as well as your dog's individual needs will all be taken into account during the creation and balancing process.


You will receive an email confirming your recipes are completed and ready to be fed! To ensure you always have access to these recipes wherever you are in the world or your life, the recipes will be uploaded into a Google Drive folder that can be accessed everywhere, including your mobile phone. At this point, your 2-week email support period will begin.


Gather your ingredients and prep your meals because it's time to start feeding your new nutrient-balanced recipes! Have questions? No problem! We're here to support you and ensure implementing the new recipes goes as smoothly as huma...puppily possible!

How many meal plans should I get?
The number of meal plans you should buy depends on several different factors, here are some things to consider. How much variety do you want your dog to have? Some people choose anywhere from 3-4 recipes so that their dog has a TON of variety. While that much variety isn't necessary, it definitely doesn't hurt. All that being said, I do recommend getting at least 2 recipes for your dog. This will provide the dog with some variety so they don't get bored and begin refusing food or exhibiting picky eating behaviors. Do you always have access to the same ingredient or does it vary? If you are in a situation where ingredient availability can vary, getting a few meal plans to give you more flexibility may be a good idea.
Is one recipe enough?
While I do recommend at least 2 recipes to avoid the dog getting bored and/or exhibiting picky behavior, one recipe is fine to start out with nutritionally speaking. Many people start out with 1 recipe and purchase more down the road and some choose to go through one of our boot camp programs to learn how to make balanced recipes on their own.
I have multiple dogs, how are the recipes distributed?
Each recipe is customized to one dog's individual daily nutrient requirements. Below I have created a few examples to show how recipes would be distributed with different numbers of dogs and different numbers of recipes. Number Of Dogs = 2 Number Of Recipes Purchased = 4 Each dog would receive 2 recipes for a total of 4 recipes created & delivered. =============== Number Of Dogs = 4 Number Of Recipes Purchased = 4 Each dog would receive 1 recipe for a total of 4 recipes created & delivered. =============== This distribution process can be changed based on request. For example, if you had two dogs, one is an adult and one is a puppy you could request (assuming you purchased 4 recipes) one recipe for the adult dog and three recipes for the puppy.
What if my dog doesn't like an ingredient in a recipe?
If this occurs during your 2-week email support period, we can replace the ingredient with another that your dog may like more. If this occurs outside of your 2-week email support period, then you will need to sign up for an adjustment. Meal adjustments are a service we provide past meal plan clients in case they want or need to swap out or change ingredients at a much lower cost than a standard meal plan purchase.
How much should I feed my dog on a raw diet?
The general guideline for feeding dogs on a raw diet is to feed approximately 2% to 3% of the dog's ideal body weight per day. This can vary depending on the dog's age, activity level, and metabolic rate. However, these are very generalized numbers that do not take your dog’s individual needs into account. Custom meal plans provided by services like Raw Feeding 101 will determine the exact amount of each ingredient your dog should be consuming daily.
What is the best raw diet for dogs?
There is no “best diet” for every dog, just like there is no perfect diet for human beings. With the Raw Feeding 101 custom meal plans, what is best for YOUR DOG is the only thing that matters. What foods do they do well on? What don’t they do well on? Do they have any sensitivities? What foods can you as the pet parent regularly source? We tailor the custom meal plans to be the best diet possible for you and your dog that is also nutrient-balanced to NRC standards.
What is the formula for raw dog food?
A common formula for raw dog food is the 80/10/10 rule: 80% muscle meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ meat (with half of that being liver). However, these and similar ratio/percentage-based diets are NOT nutrient-balanced. Zinc, copper, iron, vitamin E, iodine and more are all commonly lacking in ratio/percentage-based diets. Sufficient calcium and phosphorus amounts and ratios are also a major concern with these types of diets when it comes to puppies. The custom meal plans fill in these missing holes and ensure your dog’s daily nutrient requirements are being met whether they are a puppy, adult dog, or senior.
How do I start my dog on a raw diet?
To start your dog on a raw diet, introduce raw food gradually, mixing it with their current food and slowly increasing the raw portion over time. There are exceptions to this rule, especially with puppies. The most important factor is observing and adjusting. Observe your dog’s reactions and adjust accordingly, every dog is different and deserves this care and attention. Questions and concerns about transitioning can all be handled in your 2-week email support period included with every custom meal plan for your dog.
Are dogs happier on a raw diet?
Many proponents of raw diets report that dogs on raw diets have more energy, healthier coats, and overall improved well-being. No diet in the world is a magic pill that will fix everything, but after 13 years of experience and helping thousands of dogs, I have seen and experienced incredible improvements in dogs after switching to a raw diet.
Do vets recommend raw diet for dogs?
Veterinary opinions on raw diets are mixed. Some vets support raw diets due to the perceived health benefits, while others caution against them due to concerns about nutritional balance and the risk of bacterial contamination. This divide in the veterinary community gets smaller every year but is still a factor. Vets however are not the enemy in this situation. Many only see dogs that were not on nutrient-balanced diets and developed issues because of it. So we can’t really blame them, with a custom balanced meal plan you can rest assured that all of your dog’s daily nutrient requirements are being met.
Commercial raw diets: Pre-made and often frozen, offering convenience. Some are nutrient-balanced, some are not, and it’s not always easy to tell the difference. Homemade raw diets: This is where we shine! With 13 years of experience, we have made countless nutrient-balanced recipes for thousands of dogs. We create the recipe, you make it at home and feel confident in the knowledge that your dog’s daily nutrient requirements are being met. Prey model raw: Mimics the diet of wild ancestors, focusing on whole prey. (80/10/10 ratio/percentage diet) BARF model (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw Food): Includes fruits and vegetables in addition to meat and bones.(Essentially PMR with additions like fruits, veggies, and seeds.)
Ingredients for a balanced raw diet
Muscle meat, raw meaty bones, organ meats, vegetables and fruits, eggs, fish, and supplements are common ingredients. With the Raw Feeding 101 custom meal plans, our goal is to not only build nutrient-balanced recipes that meet your dog’s daily requirements but also to build them from ingredients you as the pet owner can source and afford. All of which you tell us in your custom intake form.
A Guide to Feeding Raw Dog Food for Beginners
Research: Understand the nutritional needs of your dog. Consultation: Talk to an individual with long-term experience. Start Slow: Gradually introduce raw food. Monitor: Watch for changes in health and behavior. Adjust: Tailor the diet to your dog’s specific needs.
The benefits: Why you should feed your dog raw
Benefits often cited include improved digestion, healthier skin and coat, reduced allergy symptoms, better dental health, and more energy.
What are the risks of feeding dogs raw meat?
Risks include potential exposure to pathogens like Salmonella and E. coli, the possibility of nutritional imbalances, and the risk of choking or internal puncture from bones. However, these risks are easily mitigated Feed high quality, fresh foods and practice basic sanitary processes, work with a professional with experience in creating nutrient-balanced recipes, and always observe feeding time whether whole bones are being fed or not.

Have other questions? Shoot us an email at info@rawfeeding101.com!