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Free Raw Feeding Resources For Dogs

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Raw Feeding PMR Calculator For Dogs

Download this FREE, spreadsheet based raw feeding calculator to see how much of what your dog needs in the beginning stages of the raw feeding transition.  

*NOTE* These are for ratio feeding only. Otherwise known as PMR, BARF diet, 80/10/10, 80/10/5/5 which are not completely balanced. For balanced raw diets, please visit our NRC Balanced Raw Feeding Meal Plans page.

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(Guide) How to feed raw for the first time

In This Guide You Are Going To Learn About:
★ The 6 Steps To Feeding Raw
★ The 5 Simple Ingredients You Have At Home To Feed Tomorrow
★ Ratio Diets vs Nutrient Balanced Diets - What’s The Difference?
★ 3 Easy Toppers For Picky Eaters

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These free raw feeding resources for dogs will serve as a beginner raw feeding guide for anyone who wants to start feeding their dog a fresh food diet.

Free Raw Feeding Guide For Puppies

Free Raw Feeding Guide 

Raw Feeding 101 Facebook Group

Raw Feeding 101 YouTube Channel