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Balancing DIY Recipes For Dogs - 1 on 1 Private Instruction - 6-Week Boot Camp

The Raw Feeding 101
1 on 1 Private Instruction
6-Week Boot Camp 

No More Raw Feeding Math
No More Guessing
No More Wondering If You Are Missing Nutrients
No More Wondering If You Are Over or Under Feeding
No More Being Tied To Rigid Meal Plans

Become a raw feeder and learn to make your own balanced meals in a 1 on 1, personal setting. Have direct access to an experienced 11-year raw feeder and teacher, access to the Raw Feeding 101 Basics Course for life, learn to safely and effectively use the Pet Diet Designer software, and take control of your dog's or puppy's diet(s).



    • Learn How To Make Your Own Balanced Meals
      • Learn to use pet diet designer to make your own balanced meals to either AAFCO or NRC values
      • Learn what critical information is missing from the pet diet designer software and how to fix it
      • Receive CRITICAL need to know nutrition information regarding raw meaty bones, supplements, and more
    • The Raw Feeding 101 Course and everything included with it.
      • 70+ HD Videos
      • Monthly updates beginning in October (new videos, downloads, those kinds of things)
        • calculators & free food scripts 
      • Supplement information (when and when not to use them)
      • Dealing with veterinarians information
      • Information you need to know about feeding certain foods
      • Training on keeping costs down
      • & more than can be summarized here.
    • Weekly Video Calls
      • These video calls are how we will take you through the training program. Each week we will cover a different topic and aspect of creating your own balanced meals at home. These meeting topics are detailed below. 
      • These sessions will be approx. 60 minutes.
      • These video calls must be accessed via a Windows PC. The software will not run on tablets, iPads, or Apple computers. An additional software called Parrallels will allow you to run Windows software on an Apple computer.
    • Access To The Boot Camper FB Group & Direct Access To Me
      • Have questions about what's happening in the boot camps? I'm there and so is the group! We're all in this together!
  • Program Details
    • Week 1 
      • Week 1 - During our first video meeting, we will do a complete overview of the Pet Diet Designer Software and establish a good day and time to meet on a weekly basis. You will also be assigned your first piece of homework. 
    • Week 2 
      • Week 2 - We will begin using the Pet Diet Designer software. Building pet profiles, appropriately assigning life stages, weights, mature weights, and the basics of meal creation. 
    • Week 3 - 6
      • Week 3-6 - We will go over the finer details of meal creation. This includes ensuring they are balanced, editing existing foods within the software, creating custom foods, creating custom supplements, adjusting foods as puppies grow, adjusting foods as adult weights change, and so on. By the end of the boot camp, you will be able to effectively create complete and balanced meals for any current dogs or puppies you may have, and any others that come into your life in the future. 
      • You will also receive a "TEMPLATE MEAL" for week 2 that we will use throughout the rest of the program
      • There will also be weekly homework that you will be required to complete before the next meeting. It should not take any longer than 30 minutes to 1 hour per week to complete the homework.

    After your order is completed you will receive an email with information on scheduling our first call!


    • Because of the large amount of time that is dedicated to each and every boot camp client, refunds can not be issued after purchases are made. In the event that a student can not attend the classes, meal plans can be made in place of this program.
    • The software is a separate $20 purchase.