Raw Feeding Meal Plan Adjustments For Dogs

Number Of Adjustments

Raw Feeding Meal Plan Adjustments

Did you have a meal plan made by us in the past? Would you like to switch out different protein sources, try different bone sources, or explore alternatives for other ingredients in your original meal plan? We've got you covered!


2-6 Meal Plan Adjustments

Each meal adjustment will be formulated to ensure that your dog's nutritional requirements are still being met. You will be asked to provide information on your past order and exactly what adjustments you would like to be made to your previous order. New protein sources, new bone sources, alternatives to other ingredients in your original meal plan plans, etc...

Shopping List

To ensure that you will be able to have the necessary ingredients on hand, you will be provided with a shopping list of the items and the amounts of those items that you will need each 30 day period.

Nutritional Analysis PDF  

This analysis is a complete breakdown of all nutrients, calories, macros, and more in your dog's diet. Many use this information when visiting the veterinarian to show they are providing a balanced and sound diet.

Follow Up Email Support

After the completion and delivery of each meal plan, you will be provided with 1 week of email support to answer any questions or concerns regarding the meal plan or meal plans that were delivered to you. This includes minor adjustments to the meal plan.

Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive an email requesting the information listed above.