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Raw Feeding 101 Course For Dogs - Easy Raw Feeding Guide

Learn To Feed Your Dog Raw

Learn Raw Feeding From A Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist
Get Your Dog Off Of Kibble...And On To Fresh Foods!
raw feeding course

Is Your Dog Struggling With Any Of The Following Issues?

Scratching & Itching
Yeasty Paws
Yeasty Ears
Dull Coat
Stinky Breath
Dirty Teeth
Bald Spots
Irritated Skin

If So, You're Not Alone...


These exact issues are some of the most common and frustrating health problems dogs can have, and thousands of other dog owners & pet parents are facing the exact same problems you are!

​Thankfully, there is a solution to these annoying (& often times dangerous) health problems. It begins with learning how to provide your dog with the food nature intended so you can regain control of his health.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is a brand new, 8-week old puppy or is a year old or more...you can build a species appropriate diet that his body is literally begging for by manifesting these health problems. And I’m going to teach you the fastest, easiest way to make it happen.

In The Raw Feeding 101 Course, I’ve put together 10 full sections of not only educational material, but actionable material as well. In other words, actual steps for you to take and make the transition happen even if you know are brand new to raw feeding right now.

These 10 sections will give you the foundation you need to overcome your biggest issues with making the switch –like worrying about doing it right, sourcing food, or keeping costs low —and will set you (and especially your dog) up for success.

And there really is no time like today to get started…because no matter how long you avoid the switch your anxiety about making the switch won't go away on it's own, most of the time it gets worse...you continue to over analyze and become confused by all the conflicting information you find on the internet.

And that’s why I want to share with you exactly how to TRANSITION YOUR DOG THE SIMPLE WAY…

All it takes is watching a few videos, and your pup will be well on his way to becoming the world's newest raw fed dog. 


Hi, I'm Dog Dad


Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist


And over the past 9 years I've been feeding my dogs a raw diet and I've helped over 30,000 dog owners with their transition to raw in one way or another... and not all of these owners thought they had a chance at helping their dog.
Yet almost every single time, it was just one simple change that made all the difference. To make the allergies go away, to stop the diarrhea, to end the ceaseless scratching and itching - it was their diet...
​Having helped owners with dogs of all types and breeds, some with EVERY one of the problems above and more, there are now thousands of happy dog owners all over the world – everyday – using my methods to continue or start their dogs on a raw diet with great success.


Welcome to An EASY & PROVEN GUIDE To Help You Overcome ALL Of The Anxiety & Confusion Of  SWITCHING TO RAW You're Facing Right Now


raw feeding 101 course

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The Raw Feeding 101 Course Is Proven To Help The Owners Of All Sizes & Breeds Of Dog Make The Switch

After years of helping thousands of people with raw feeding their dogs, and 100x more I couldn't help because there's only 24 hours in a day and one of me, I knew there had to be a better way to reach out to even more frustrated dog and puppy owners, just like yourself.
​I knew there had to be a way to help more people in a more efficient way so they could not only learn about my transition methods, but do so with EASE and COMFORT in the simplest and fastest way possible. ​Plus I wanted to give dog owners a chance to put these methods and techniques into action on their own, and allow them to do it on their own pace...
That’s when I knew I needed to put all my highly effective raw feeding techniques I use with clients during live consultations into video format to help dog owners just like you.


Bringing You Raw Feeding Training 24/7...

On All Your Devices



Raw Feeding 101 is web-based and the entire course is fully supported on your laptop, tablet and smartphone. Android devices, Apple devices, and even some kindle devices with web browser access.
This means you’ll get an EXPERT veteran raw feeder at your finger tips, to help you and walk you through the EXACT step-by-step instructions I use for both high paying clients and every raw feeding program or community I operate!

Raw Feeding 101 is Fast & Easy and Works For ANY BREED OR MIX


raw feeding breed

 Unlike many other training programs that either cost a fortune and/or are too vague or so complicated that it just isn't helpful for beginners, The Raw Feeding 101 website will give you PROVEN methods that you can learn AND APPLY, step-by-step, for a successful transition to raw feeding. 

​You can watch the videos online, at any time, in any place, and the best part is... it’s easy and quick to learn. Plus, this course will work for ALL BREEDS of dogs.  
No more endless searching for breed or mix specific solutions–despite what some may tell you, most dogs have the same basic nutritional requirements–don't be fooled into paying premiums for breed specific diets. It works for dogs of all sizes, shapes, and ages and covers everything you need to get started under one program. 


But Hey - Don't Take My Word For It!

38,771+ Happy Dog Owners

 Over 38,771 people have used these exact methods to help them on their raw feeding journey. Now you can  get access to the same amazing information for yourself...


Jamie & Jackson's Story


Jackie's Story


*Of course no two dogs are the same and will experience identical results.


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Look Inside The Raw Feeding 101 Members Area

Watch this quick video for a quick tour of the members area... 



 Over 38,771 people have used these exact methods to help them on their raw feeding journey. Now you can  get access to the same amazing information for yourself...


easy raw feeding course


raw feeding 101 course

Section 1 - First Things First

 Let's Get Started

This section includes the necessary introductions to raw feeding. What is it? Why do people do it? And what you can expect and when to expect it.
(3 Videos)
raw feeding 101 course

Section 2 - Overcoming Mental Barriers

It's Not All Mechanics
This section will help you overcome the biggest mental and social obstacles you will encounter before, during and after your transition. Everything from talking to your vet to explaining your choice to feed fresh foods to your friends and family. This section also covers some of the biggest lies that the pet food industry has been telling us for decades.
(8 Videos)
raw feeding 101 course

Section 3 - Myths, Models, & More

The Lies - The Truth - The Unexpected
A complete look at the myths and legends surrounding raw feeding, the "Secret Formula" to your dog's nutrition,  and considerations you need to keep in mind for YOUR specific dog.
(8 Videos)

raw feeding 101 course

Section 4 - Feeding Raw Foods & What You Need To Know

What You Really Need To Know
The most commonly fed raw foods and what you need to know to feed them SAFELY. Bones, organs, meat, eggs, pork,  wild game, vegetables, the difference between grinds & premades and more.
(12 Videos)
raw feeding 101 course

Section 5 - Raw Food Meal Prepping

The Key To It All
Learn how to keep your home & family safe with the proper sanitary clean up processes and learn how to  prepare weeks (even months) of meals at one time. Cut the amount of time you spend on raw feeding on a daily basis to virtually ZERO
(5 Videos)
raw feeding course

Section 6 - Common Issues & What You Can Do

Need To Know Information
Every new raw feeder is going to have issues with one common issue or another over the years. Learn the solutions to these problems now BEFORE they happen. Then you will be able to easily handle these issues STRESS FREE.
(3 Videos)
raw feeding guide

Section 7 - Transitioning To Raw

Switching Adult Dogs & Puppies To Raw 
This section covers it all.  The full 4-week step by step transition guide - PLUS, how much to feed, how much of WHAT to feed & when to feed it. You will also go over how to feed the proper amount of bone, changes in water consumption, as well as introducing new sources of protein as time goes on and a lot more.
(15 Videos)
raw feeding supplements

Section 8 - Common Supplements & What You Need To Know

Necessary Information For Anyone That Plans On Feeding Supplements
Do you know the 2 main purposes of supplements? What about when to provide them and more importantly when NOT to provide them? Learn that and more about different supplements and how they are used in this information packed section.
(11 Videos)
raw feeding information

Section 9 - Additional Information

Even MORE Useful Information
In this section you will learn how to source your dog's raw food for free (yes you read that right), the importance of calcium & phosphorus in the raw food diet, how to change your dog's daily food intake based on their activity levels, the basics of feeding bone broth and more.  
(5 Videos)
raw food diet for dogs

Section 10 - You're Feeding Raw...What Now?

What Now?

I refuse to do anything but the best for my students so I'm not just going to leave you high and dry after this course. This section will show you the path you need to walk after you complete the course. This is absolutely crucial if you want to provide your dog with the best and longest life possible.
(2 Videos)
raw feeding resources

BONUS Section - Additional Resources & Downloads

This section contains all the downloads and PDFs referenced throughout the course all in one convenient place for you to download and use. 
(5 Downloads & Resources)

 How Much Is Raw Feeding 101?





- 70+ HD Raw Feeding Videos
- FREE 60 Minute Raw Feeding Consultation
- Downloadable Resources
- New & Updated Content Every Month
- 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

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    Why Spend $X00's For Other Programs?


    My rate for a 1-hour raw feeding consultation with a client is $47, and for some others with YEARS less experience than I have, charge even more!
    But now you can not only get the first 5 sections for FREE, but you’ll also get full access to ALL the information you need, easy step-by-step video instructions plus so much more in ONE place. I believe that raw feeding should be EASY and AFFORDABLE…and now I’ve made that possible for you.
    Again, this all comes backed by a 100% RISK FREE 7-DAY “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your investment in your dog's health & future, then I’m not satisfied and I’ll happily refund your purchase in full. It's that simple!

    You're ONE CLICK AWAY From Finally Starting Your Dog On A Fresh Food Diet & Ending Your Confusing Search For Advice...


    Imagine FINALLY having your dog on the diet that they need and deserve. No more searching for good adviceno more conflicting  instructionsno more confusion for you....


    raw feeding guide


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    Come and try the first 5 sections for FREE! Finally give your dog the diet & health they deserve. If you don't absolutely love Raw Feeding 101 for any reason just let us know within 7 days.


    When you enroll I want to make sure you are beyond satisfied...

    I want you to think to yourself, "This is a no-brainer."...that's why I've included this 2 FREE BONUSES FOR YOU! 




    **FREE BONUS** Exclusive Community

    Nothing compares to being surrounded by a group of people that are (or were) in the exact same place as you, struggling with the same problems, and more importantly - finding solutions. In the STUDENTS ONLY "RF101 Course Students" you can speak with other course students who are using (or used) the Raw Feeding 101 Course to change their dog's life! You are NOT alone in your struggle to get switched over to raw foods, come join a group of people that can help you through those struggles in a positive, supportive way. 
    Value: $37 - Yours FREE!


    Another Word From More Happy Owners...













     *Of course all dogs are different and will have varying experiences in one way or another.


    I Can't Wait To See You In The Members Area!


    I am course excited to have you join our community and become a Raw Feeding 101 student, but most of all - I'm excited to give you all of the tools and education you need to change your dog's life forever. That's what all of this is about, your dog's health. I know you will enjoy and connect with my easy to understand (and more importantly use) methods of starting the raw diet and will be amazed by everything you learn.
    Thank again for visiting, I can't wait to see you in the members area!
    - Scott The Dog Dad
    Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist

    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. How Much Does Raw Feeding 101 Cost?

    I want dog owners everywhere to be able to take advantage of the members area and all the amazing information inside it.  The ultimate goal is to help as many dog owners as possible get their dogs off of kibble and on to a diet of completely fresh foods. In order to do that I need to keep the price super low - way less than the average routine vet visit. 

    That’s why today I’m offering you the opportunity to check out the first 5 sections of The Raw Feeding 101 Course for FREE! This gives you the chance to get into the members area and see all the amazing videos and find out how fantastic this resource truly is. After the first 5 sections it's only $18.99 USD to finish! 
    So come and see if the Raw Feeding 101 experience is for you for FREE! You're one click away from changing your dog's life forever - and you can try it 100% FREE. The choice is yours. 

    2.Is Raw Feeding Expensive?

    Without tools like the "16 Ways To Save $ Feeding A Raw Diet" that you get instant access to when you enroll then yes - it can be. However, with tools like "16 Ways To Save $ Feeding A Raw Diet" you can learn the skills and tricks necessary to keeping your costs low.
    I have multiple student that are using these techniques right now to receive HUNDREDS of pounds of free meat on a regular basis and have dropped their costs to almost $0.

    3. Am I Going To Need A Lot Of Raw Feeding Equipment?

    No.  Chances are that you already have everything you need in your kitchen right now to feed raw. Even if you don't, you can get everything you need for less than $20 at your local store or online.

    4. Can't I Learn The Same Thing From A Raw Feeding Book?

    In my opinion no, and that is coming from someone with a published book on the market. Books are amazing (which is why I published one) but they are limited in what they can and cannot convey. With video content I can deliver and teach on a much more in depth way. 
    Additionally, the course is 100% accessible from your mobile device or laptop. On a road trip, on vacation, at work, at the park, shopping for dog food, anywhere you need the information & have an internet connection. No hard copy book required. 

    5. What If I Have Questions After Finishing The Course?

    No problem! You're covered. 
    We offer LIFETIME course support.  If you EVER have questions about the information in the course you can email us @info@rawfeeding101.com and we will return your email within 24 hours GUARANTEED. 
    Additionally, you will have access to the "Raw Feeding 101 Students" Facebook group AND non-student Raw Feeding 101 Facebook group (over 20,000 members currently) that have either been where you are or are going through what you are going through that can offer their experiences and insights. 
    easy raw feeding guide