"Raw feeding 101 gives you eVERYTHING you need to switch your dog to a raw diet"
(Without having to get confused by all the conflicting information on the internet)
does this sound like you?
  •  You want the best for your dog.
  •  You're confused by all the conflicting information online about how to switch your dog to a raw/fresh food diet (even after joining a ton of FB groups).
  •  You have a dog with allergies you just can't seem to get rid of on kibble.
  •  And you want to switch to raw but just can't seem to get a good plan in place on your own.
If that sounded like you I've got news...You're not alone. 

Jamie was having the exact same problems...
⬇️ Find out what happened ⬇️
how RF101 Solves Your Biggest Raw feeding Problems 
  • COST: The money involved in raw feeding is often one of most, (if not THE most) common concerns and obstacles beginners have. With the "16 Ways To Save" training video you will learn the best practices for keeping your raw feeding costs to a minimum
  •  Simple Transition Steps: Another huge problem people have with the transition is making the switch without feeling like they have to have a degree in rocket science. On the other side of the coin some of the raw feeding guides online don't give enough detail and leave people asking questions. Raw Feeding 101 is right in the sweet spot. Plenty of detail so you won't find yourself asking a million questions after hearing, but not a confusing, headache inducing amount of complicated information. 
  •    Reliability: If you search the web for transition advice you are going to find 100 different ways to do it. That can get confusing, especially when you try to piece it all together yourself. RF101 is going to walk you through my proven & reliable 4 week transition process so you don't have to wonder if you're doing it right.
  • Being Nervous: Sometimes no matter how much you research or how many success stories you hear, making the switch can be nerve wracking. RF101 features an entire section of videos geared towards overcoming the mental obstacles of raw feediing. When you're done, that nervous, unsure feeling will be replaced with education and confidence.
  •   Time & Effort: In this day and age, your time is the most valuable commodity you have. Raw Feeding 101 is going to teach you how to feed and prepare your dog's meals in the fastest & easiest way possible.
  • Dealing With The Vet: More often than not, veterinarians disagree with the idea of their clients feeding a fresh food diet. Raw Feeding 101 is going to teach you how to navigate that difficult conversation and how to maintain your relationship with your vet.
Here’s what some of our course students had to say about their experience:
“I started feeding my girl Raw today because of this course. For 2 months I struggled to find an organized approach to start, and to build the knowledge and confidence needed to ensure I was keeping my girl safe and healthy.
This course did it for me! A HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thank you to Scott Jay Marshall II (The Dog Dad) for making this video series about transitioning to Raw Feeding. I truly cannot tell you how helpful they were and continue to be.”
- Luis, OH
"After many months of research and deliberation, I found Raw Feeding 101 and knew I couldn't transition my dogs quick enough. Wanting to do better for them, yet terrified to do it wrong, I purchased the course. I can't speak highly enough of the course and how much better it made me feel.
I was searching for someone to do a little hand holding and "dumb it down" for me and the course was exactly what I needed. It's super informative and helpful, but also geared towards the biggest of newbies that need to hear the info in the simplest of forms. Best thing I've done for my dogs!”
- Morgan, NC
“After doing massive amounts of research, switching from brand to brand (of 5 star, high quality kibble), and still seeing recalls and hearing of dogs getting sick or dying I felt the need for a big change.
I scoured the internet (mostly YouTube videos) and finally came across RAW FEEDING 101 By Scott The Dog Dad. It is by far the best, most informative course site packed with tons of videos, step by step instructions and even tips for discussing RAW with your family or your vet.
The best thing, in my opinion are the calculators. It does the math for me!! I downloaded them to my desktop so I can use them daily. (Love, love, love the bone calculator)”
- Debbie, GA
Discover How to start transitioning your dog in days - not weeks or months with the proven RF101 Course
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For a limited time each new student will get a 30 minute Phone Call with Scott the Dog Dad (Course Creator) to jumpstart their raw feeding journey!
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We guarantee you'll Love raw feeding 101 - if you don't Just contact us within 14 days for a full refund
What's Included In This Video Course:
Section 1 - First Things First
How To Use This Course

What Is Raw & Why Do People Do It?

What To Expect & When
Section 2 - Mental Barriers
Significant Others Who Are Weary Of The Switch

Criticism From Friends & Family

Raw Feeding & Your Vet

Raw Feeding On The Internet

101 Different Answers

Marketing Generated Fears

Things Happen - Don't Overreact

Section 3 - General Information
Raw Feeding Myths

Raw Feeding Models & Choosing One For Your Dogs

The "Secret Formula" 80/10/5/5

What The Poo Tells You

Raw Food Sources

Considerations For Small Dogs

Considerations For Senior Dogs

Sodium & What You Need To Know
Section 4 - Feeding X Foods
Section Explanation Video

Feeding Muscle Meat - The 80%

Feeding Bone - The 10%

Feeding Live 5% & Non Liver Organ 5%

Feeding Chicken & What You Need To Know

Feeding Eggs & What You Need To Know

Feeding Fish & What You Need To Know

Feeding Fruits & Vegetables & What You Need To Know

Feeding Green Tripe & What You Need To Know

Feeding Grinds & What You Need To Know

Feeding Pork & What You Need To Know

Feeding Wild Caught Foods & What You Need To Know
Section 5 - Meal Prep
What Is Meal Prep & Why Bother

Importance Of A Meal Prepping System

Prep For Prepping

Meal Prepping Full Walk Through

Cleanup & Sanitation
Section 6 - Common Issues
When Your Dog Refuses Raw

Poop Issues

Vomiting Issues
Section 7 - Transitioning To Raw
Before You Get Started

You WILL Be Nervous

How This Transition Is Set Up

Figuring Out How Much To Feed

Getting The Right Amount Of Bone

Changes In Water Consumption

First Raw Meal & Week 1 / Step 1

Week 2 / Step 2

Week 3 / Step 3

Week 4 / Step 4

Beyond Week 4

Transitioning Puppies

Transitioning To B.A.R.F.

Transitioning To Premade Raw

Introducing New Proteins
Section 8 - Common Supplements
Common Supplements & If You Should Feed Them

Feeding Coconut Oil

Feeding Fish Oil

Feeding Turmeric 

Feeding Slippery Elm Bark

Feeding Colostrum

Feeding Kefir

Feeding Raw Goat's Milk

Digestive Enzymes, Prebiotics & Probiotics

Feeding Glucosamine

Feeding Honey 
Section 9 - Additional Information
Activity Based Feeding Modifications

Feeding Bone Broth

Calcium & Phosphorus

16 Ways To Save $$ While Feeding A Raw Diet

Beginner's Knife Sharpening For Raw Feeders
Section 10 - What Now?
You're Feeding Raw - What Now?

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Additional Resources & Downloads
Raw Feeding 101 Daily Feeding Amount Calculators (Available in Pounds & Ounces or Grams & Kilograms)

Bone Content Calculator

Recommended Knife Sharpeners For Beginners

Classified Ads Template
try it Today for $33!
+2 Additional Payments - More Info Below
Save 20%
Lifetime Access For $79
For a limited time each new student will get a 30 minute Phone Call with Scott the Dog Dad (Course Creator) to jumpstart their raw feeding journey!
Scheduling details on Enrollment Completion page
We Guarantee You'll Love Raw Feeding 101 - If You Don't Just Contact Us Within 14 Days For A Full Refund
Have questions about  how it all works? Email me at info@rawfeeding101.com and I'd be happy to answer your questions!
"Try It" / Payment Plan Info:
1. $33 is due at the initial "Try It" purchase. 2 additional payments will be billed 1 and 2 months from the initial purchase date. (Totaling $99)
2. The 2 additional payments can be cancelled at any time by emailing info@rawfeeding101.com. This request must be received 7 days before the upcoming payment. This will allow you a FULL 21 days (3 weeks) to try Raw Feeding 101 to see if it's the right fit for you. 
3. Access to the Raw Feeding 101 course will be revoked if payments are cancelled before all 3 payments have been made. Payments made after the first 14 days are non-refundable.
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