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Raw Feeding 101 - Group Boot Camp

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The Raw Feeding 101 6-Week Group Boot Camps

Become a raw feeder in a fun, group environment with other dedicated dog owners. Have hours of access per week to a raw feeding expert, access to the Raw Feeding 101 Course for life, receive your raw feeders starter kit, and much more!




  • Group Boot Camps Include:
    • The Raw Feeding 101 Course and everything included with it.
      • 70+ HD Videos
      • Monthly updates beginning in October (new videos, downloads, those kinds of things)
        • calculators & free food scripts 
      • Supplement information (when and when not to use them)
      • Dealing with veterinarians information
      • Information you need to know about feeding certain foods
      • Training on keeping costs down
      • & more than can be summarized here.
    • Physical Product Starter Kit
      • Bottle of digestive enzymes to ease the transition
      • Bottle of slippery elm bark in case your pup experiences any digestive upset during the transition.
      • 1 copy of my raw feeding meal tracking journal so you can accurately track your pup's food intake in both ingredients and volume.
      • Digital food scale that is necessary for accurate feeding.
      • Silicone molds to make things like frozen bone broth, kefir, raw milk, and so on.
    • Weekly Video Calls
      • These are for us to keep in constant communication throughout the transition so there is no guessing. It's not necessary to turn on the camera and can be accessed via your mobile phone or your computer. This just allows me to share my screen so I can show you things. 
    • 24 Hour Access To Me
      • This is for you to have someone to talk to at any time of night or day if something happens with your dog. This way if he has diarrhea, constipation, vomit, etc... for some reason at 11pm, 5am, whenever, during the transition and you are worried you can call me. 
  • Program Details
    • Week 1 
      • Week 1 we will take you through the course so you have a baseline knowledge of raw feeding in simple terms without the confusion or contradictions.
    • Week 2 
      • Week 2 we will focus on finding sources for food in your area and exploring online distributors if that ends up being necessary. If you choose to go with a grinder we will also explore the best options for grinders for you. 
    • Week 3 - 6 (For Puppies)
      • Week 3 - 6  we will actually begin the transition to a balanced DIY raw diet. If you choose to go with a grinder for the puppies we will also go over how to use that so your grinder isn't damaged from the raw food. At the end of this week you will have zero question that your puppies are on balanced raw diets and you'll never have to wonder if you are doing them harm by having something missing from their diet.
      • Week 3-5 (For Adults)
      • We will actually begin the transition to a balanced raw diet and complete the first 3 steps of the transition. If you choose to go with a grinder for your dog we will also go over how to use that so your grinder isn't damaged from the raw food. 
      • Week 6 (For Adults)
      • We will complete the final step of the transition and a balanced diet analysis and adjustment will be paid for FOR YOU for a 3rd party company I know and trust to evaluate your dog's current diet and will give you a list of items and the amount to add of them to make your dog's diet perfectly balanced. 


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