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Speedy NRC Raw Feeding Meal Plans
Speedy NRC Raw Feeding Meal Plans
Speedy NRC Raw Feeding Meal Plans
Speedy NRC Raw Feeding Meal Plans
Speedy NRC Raw Feeding Meal Plans
Speedy NRC Raw Feeding Meal Plans
Speedy NRC Raw Feeding Meal Plans
Speedy NRC Raw Feeding Meal Plans
Speedy NRC Raw Feeding Meal Plans
Speedy NRC Raw Feeding Meal Plans

Speedy NRC Raw Feeding Meal Plans

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Raw Feeding Meal Plans

Need a balanced meal plan for your dog(s) but long wait times aren't an option? Try our Speedy Raw Feeding Meal Plans service!

Delivery In 7 Business Days Or Less!

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1-4 Custom Meal Plans (Need more than 4 for a large pack? Send us a chat!)

Each meal is formulated to ensure that YOUR dog's nutritional requirements are met. These are individualized canine nutrition recipes that are done one by one for each meal. Each meal is unique just like every dog is unique.

Orders with multiple recipes can be spread across multiple dogs. I.E. An order of 2 balanced recipes can be 1 balanced recipe each for a household with 2 dogs. An order of 4 balanced recipes could be 1 recipe each for 4 dogs, 2 recipes each for 2 dogs, 4 recipes for 1 dog and so on.

Shopping List

To ensure that you will be able to have the necessary ingredients on hand, you will be provided with a shopping list of the items and the amounts of those items that you will need each 30-day period. 

Nutritional Analysis PDF  

This analysis is a complete breakdown of all nutrients, calories, macros, and more in your dog's diet. Many use this information when visiting the veterinarian to show they are providing a balanced and sound diet.

Follow Up Email Support

After the completion and delivery of each meal plan, you will be provided with 2 weeks of email support to answer any questions or concerns regarding the meal plan or meal plans that were delivered to you. This includes minor adjustments to the meal plan.

Raw Feeding 101 Course Lifetime Access

Each meal plan includes lifetime access to the Raw Feeding 101 course. A 70+ HD video course that is updated monthly. This provides an easy to follow blueprint that any beginner raw feeder can follow to easily navigate the raw feeding transition. 

Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive an email requesting all the information I will need to complete your order.


- Because work begins right away on your speedy meal plan service, refunds are not available after purchase. 

- If specific requirements need to be met, they MUST be mentioned in your intake form submission. This includes food preferences, bone preferences, allergies/sensitivities, and so on.

If your requirements are not listed accurately, each meal that needs adjustment will be subject to an adjustment fee. List all necessary details and requests in your intake form while keeping your entry short and to the point. 



1. "How many meal plans should I get?"

The number of meal plans you should buy depends on several different factors, here are some things to consider. 

How much variety do you want your dog to have? Some people choose anywhere from 3-4 recipes so that their dog has a TON of variety. While that much variety isn't necessary, it definitely doesn't hurt. All that being said, I do recommend getting at least 2 recipes for your dog. This will provide the dog with some variety so they don't get bored and begin refusing food or exhibiting picky eating behaviors.

Do you always have access to the same ingredient or does it vary? If you are in a situation where ingredient availability can vary, getting a few meal plans to give you more flexibility may be a good idea. 

2. "Is one recipe enough?"

While I do recommend at least 2 recipes to avoid the dog getting bored and/or exhibiting picky behavior, one recipe is fine to start out with nutritionally speaking. Many people start out with 1 recipe and purchase more down the road and some choose to go through one of our boot camp programs to learn how to make balanced recipes on their own.

3. "I have multiple dogs, how are the recipes distributed?

Each recipe is customized to one dog's individual daily nutrient requirements. Below I have created a few examples to show how recipes would be distributed with different numbers of dogs and different numbers of recipes.

Number Of Dogs = 2

Number Of Recipes Purchased = 4

Each dog would receive 2 recipes for a total of 4 recipes created & delivered.


Number Of Dogs = 4

Number Of Recipes Purchased = 4

Each dog would receive 1 recipe for a total of 4 recipes created & delivered.



This distribution process can be changed based on request. For example, if you had two dogs, one is an adult and one is a puppy you could request (assuming you purchased 4 recipes) one recipe for the adult dog and three recipes for the puppy. 

4. "What if my dog doesn't like an ingredient in a recipe?"

If this occurs during your 2-week email support period, we can replace the ingredient with another that your dog may like more. If this occurs outside of your 2-week email support period, then you will need to sign up for an adjustment. Meal adjustments are a service we provide past meal plan clients in case they want or need to swap out or change ingredients at a much lower cost than a standard meal plan purchase.


Have other questions? Shoot us an email at!